Troy III has a background in general employee relations, dispute mitigation, HR systems analysis and screening and employee assessment and evaluation practices. In the practice, he also focuses on data review and analysis and statistical treatment and reporting. Troy III conducting field observations to verify and validate job documentation content, and testing and assessment content alignment.

He confirms general issues of alignment and compliance with applicable laws regarding job content and essentials of job performance requirements. Additionally, he provides recommendations to close any gaps between the policies, practices to support compliance concerns.

He has extensive experience in conducting field audits with law enforcement and fire service departments and public safety agencies in preparation for designing and administering testing and assessment center processes.   This experience has involved departments and agencies in various states across the United States.  Other assignments have involved developing written test items and assessment process elements based on results from verified job evaluation documentation and content validation processes.

Troy may design and facilitate supervisory training in areas including employee relations essentials, coaching employee performance, and building cohesive work teams.

This work has followed compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines aligning process fairness and equity. He has also served as an HR Generalist and Employee Relations Specialist for the City of Dallas and with Coleman & Associates Consultants.

Troy III earned his MBA from Columbia Southern University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.