We are a premier HR consulting and professional coaching firm.

Matching People To Task.

There are few companies that compare to Dallas based Human Resources Consulting and Professional Coaching firm, Coleman & Associates Consultants. Clients rely upon our more than 30 years’ of experience to create successful customized solutions for the HR and Coaching needs.

HR Consulting

Matching people to task begins with balance – the right solutions and right people paired with the appropriate tools and training that are aligned to the organization’s business strategy.


Professional Coaching

Everyone benefits from having a coach in their corner. Coaches assess, challenge, help build upon strengths, practice new behaviors to develop competencies to reveal the hidden reservoirs of strengths.



We offer an array of online assessments that produce information that will help you move in the right direction.


Why Choose Us?

Problem Identification
Solution Building
Personal Development


Each engagement begins with a promise that we never use a one size fits all model. We start with an assessment to determine what is necessary to meet a client’s specific needs. We consult with each client to identify the issues that should receive prioritized attention. Our services are based on sound research, consistently applied psychological and management principles, and delivery methods that respect each individual or organization.

Points for Consideration

Our consulting and coaching incorporates our clients’ needs and expectations with your employees’ personal and professional goals to improve organizational success.

  • Do your leaders function as a cohesive team showing maximum efficacy?
  • Does your organization culture embrace diversity and promote a sense of belongingness?
  • Do current leaders have the right competencies to lead successfully?

  • Do work teams produce high quality results and reward personal accountability?
  • Do you promote open and honest communication and engage all voices?
  • Are your leaders equipped to address the challenges of change and lead with courage and confidence?


  • Clearly defined organizational goals
  • Enhanced employee engagement and productivity
  • Improved organizational efficiency
  • Higher employee and customer satisfaction

We have broad and extensive experience as internal and external consultants and coaches serving organizations in a variety of industries including education, retail, healthcare, local and federal government, transportation, manufacturing, and professional services.

Led by our principal, Dr. Troy Coleman and his masterful approach to designing HR solutions, creating an environment and support for others to reach their goals is the foundation of his success. It is based upon his extensive experience in leading HR services in large organizations like Dallas ISD and the City of Dallas. These experiences have helped Troy develop the skills and knowledge base that enables him to build and deliver tailored solutions.

Having worked with thousands of employees and clients, Troy’s analytical nature and quiet passion for his work enable him to bring sound research, and consistently applied psychological and management principles to his coaching clients. Troy enables them to reach their personal and professional goals.

Coleman & Associates Consultants brings together the natural pairing of HR Consulting and Leadership Coaching.

Troy L. Coleman, Ph.D., Principal