In Your Corner.

Everyone benefits from having a coach in their corner. Coaches assess, challenge, help build upon strengths, practice new behaviors to develop competencies to reveal the hidden reservoirs of strengths.

At Coleman & Associates Consultants, our coaching begins with a personal assessment. Next, personal challenges are identified, and goals for the coaching process are established. We use ‘dialogue and discovery’ as our method of choice to collaborate with our client to build on the skills and competencies that will contribute to personal and organizational success. Our Professional Coaching includes, but is not limited to:


Assesses and defines issues affecting personal and professional goal attainment, and helps to clarify a pathway for behavior change and decision making yielding personal and professional success.


Engages processes beginning with relevant assessment applications that provide a basis for action plan preparation and implementation to support:

  • Defining Career and Work Life Decision Making
  • Making Career Transitions and Job Changes
  • Preparing and Using Tools for Personal Marketing
  • Mastering Job Interview Scenarios
  • Selling Oneself in the “40 Second Networking Interview”


Our CFL Coaching Process

  • Conduct personal assessments to help confirm “current reality” and set coaching goals
  • Analyze prioritized development needs through “dialogue and discovery”
  • Practice targeted behavior change for “Modeling The Way”
  • Build leader competencies to increase “self-awareness”, “situational awareness” and “practical and empathic leadership”.

Our CFL Coaching leads to

  • Improved self-confidence and leader presence
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Enhanced leading and coaching others
  • Enhanced leader communication and leader effectiveness